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PRO Garage Door Service Phoenix AZ

garage door service phoenix azAre you looking for the leading garage door service Phoenix AZ has to offer? Then you need to come to Garage Door Solved and have all your repair, installation, and sale requirements met.



About Garage Door Service Phoenix AZ


At Garage Door Solved, we are a locally owned and run garage door service provider. Our highly experienced technicians have everything it takes to service, repair, replace, and install all styles and makes of garage doors.

Therefore, if you find yourself in need of exceptional Phoenix AZ garage door services, please don’t hesitate getting in touch with us. We look forward to helping you fix busted, off-the-tracks, dented, and noisy garage doors.

Once we arrive at your place, we will help you evaluate all available models and retailers before using the ones that will provide you with the best value. Further, we will go a step ahead to find the best replacement parts to ensure that you get back to normal.

At Garage Door Solved, we understand that there are many other companies touting their garage door service as the best in Phoenix AZ. We make no such claim. Instead, we let out work speak for itself – it is all the louder and more truthful.

During our time in the industry, we have endeared ourselves to many local homeowners, renters, and companies. Therefore, you can always count on us any time you are in need of exceptionally affordable and high quality garage door services.


Our Services

As one of the most visible garage door service providers in Phoenix, AZ, we have a wide range of options in store for you. Since we work around the clock, you can be sure that our emergency services will also come in handy when you are facing an urgent situation beyond normal business hours.


Consider the following services offered by the experts at Garage Door Solved:


1. Garage Door Repairs

Facing a crucial garage door issue? Count on us to help you solve it in a timely and affordable manner.


2. Garage Door Installations and Sales

At Garage Door Solved, we also sell brand new garage doors – and go a step further to install them for you. Whether you are looking for a new or a pre-owned garage door for your home or workplace, you can be sure that we will have the right one for you.

3. Crashed Door Services

Although your garage door might be working as it should, chances are that it might go right off the tracks. Garage Door Solved has the qualified technicians you need to ensure that it goes back to normal working order. Our expertise, knowledge, parts, and tools will all come into play while servicing your garage door – irrespective of the dilemma you are facing.


4. Tune-Ups

Ranked among the most renowned of all Phoenix AZ garage door service providers, we also tune up doors. If your garage door is noisy or it has started opening and closing slower than normal, you should call us so we can fix it. We also tune-up doors that have started bouncing on rails before any incidents can occur.


5. Garage Door Parts

Last but not least, you no longer have to worry about getting new door wires, springs, or anything else. If something on your door is broken, you can count on our exceptional garage door services Phoenix AZ and we will deliver it to you. These parts include but are not necessarily limited to:


– Garage door cables

– Garage door openers

– Garage door springs

– Panel replacement

– Weather seals


Why Choose Us

So, why are we the leading Phoenix AZ garage door service has to offer? What makes so many people prefer Garage Door Solved over the other options available in the industry? Consider the following:

– Our affordable pricing is as honest as it is fair

– Our doors and parts come with extended warranties

– Our technicians are certified, qualified, experienced, and enthusiastic

– Satisfaction is our #1 priority

– We are insured, licensed, and bonded

– We offer exceptionally reliable emergency garage door services

– We only provide fast local services

– We provide free estimates

– We repair, maintain, and install all garage door brands and parts


Contact Us

Are you interested in learning more about our dependable garage door service Phoenix AZ? Please get in touch with Garage Door Solved today by calling us on (480) 808-9690. We look forward to getting you the solutions you are looking for.