Best Garage Door Selection is Critical

How to select the best garage door

garage door solved wayne daltonThis article will help you figure out how to select the best garage door. There are many different options to  choose from and it is not impossible to build one yourself either.

If you are choosing to build one yourself you will need the following items: saw, lumber, bolts, washers, wood glue, plywood, and overhead garage door hangers. You will have to decide if you want one door for a single car garage, one large and wide door for a two car garage, or two separate doors for a two car garage. Take measurements for the door you are replacing. Usually a standard garage door size is 8 by 16 feet for a small, 9 by 18 feet for a medium, and 10 by 20 feet for a large. Afterwards look up the rest of the how-to online. Average garage door width is between 8 and 10 feet.

Most people would not want plain wood colored garage doors. In order to get rid of the you would need to know how to paint a garage door. You will need exterior paint in whatever color you prefer. You’ll need some good brushes that will work with it too and then you would also need to have a tarp to lay down so you do not get paint in your grass or on your driveway. If you do not want to take the long way around and use exterior paint from a can then opt for an airless paint sprayer instead. You’ll get more area covered in less amount of time and you will learn how to paint garage doors quickly with that.

Save Money Fixing Your Garage Door

If you are happy with your current garage door but it is broken then you will need to know how to repair a garage door. This usually requires a ladder, some WD-40, and any replacement parts you may need. Know if your door is wood or steel. Check for any parts that may need replaced like hinges or rollers. These are usually easy to change out as long as the right size and circumference is used. Squeaky doors usually only need some extra lubrication from the WD-40 make sure you have someone else there to help you because some jobs require more than one person. Follow directions if there are any to avoid injuries and accidents to make sure you repair your garage doors perfectly.

Sometimes a garage door gets unaligned by hundreds of uses or getting some bumps by certain drivers. When this happens it comes in handy knowing how to adjust garage doors. All it takes is a little common sense, some basic tools, WD-40, and patience.  Check the hinges, springs, pulleys, and braces. If springs are the problem please hire a professional. Measure the garage door opening and the sides of the door to see which side needs fixed. Once you think you have that good and fixed use the level to make sure. Add some WD-40 to give it extra lubrication and then use the remote to test it out.

If buying the best garage door is more what you’re after look up kitsap garage doors for information if you’re local to the Phoenix Metro including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, etc. Areas.